Long Island Rail Road Derails, Injuring 76


The Long Island Rail Road derailed this morning around 8:30 am at the Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, resulting in as much as 76 injuries amongst the passengers on board as the train had unexpectedly skipped the designated tracks.

According to the New York Fire Department, they have stated that none of the 76 injuries are deemed to be severe or in any way critical to their lives.

It is still uncertain as to how the train derailed from its tracks, and paramedics rushed to the scene of the accident.

Some passengers remarked on the incident by saying that they were just about to depart from the train and waited for doors to be opened when suddenly the train had crashed and smashed into a bumper.

Unexpected Arrival

“The train suddenly slammed. We were standing and waiting to get off,” one passenger remarked. A female passenger sitting at the front cart said that one of the doors had been completely demolished, with the glass shattering everywhere, in which next thing she knew all the passengers beside her had all piled up on each other in a blink of an eye.

No Life Threatening Cases

It was expected that at least one death could have resulted from such a deadly accident, but as far as reports show and according to medical services, all 76 injured passengers have not suffered any life threatening injuries.

One spectator from the train platform stated “There was a screeching and the station quickly filled with dust and smoke.”

Upon the accident, crowds had assembled up quickly to examine the scene as the paramedics raced to the passengers on board who were then taken away quickly for treatment. Within half an hour of the train crash there were still passengers being assisted for evacuation by the medical teams and authorities.