Man Falls into Cement Mixer and Gets Trapped for Several Hours


A man in County Durham, Quebec, is said to have made a fall in a cement mixer which resulted in him getting trapped there for several hours.

Firefighters came to the scene in order to aid him and eventually cut him free. According to the fire services, the man had been cleaning the machine until he slipped and fell, leading him to being trapped inside.

Images that were shown from the incident show several firefighters who exerted all their efforts at the scene in order to break the worker free from the trap he was in.

Slippery Mistake

In addition to the several hours the worker was already trapped inside for, firefighters were said to have taken at least two more hours in order to free the trapped man.

After he was cut free, an ambulance came to the scene in order to transport him to the University Hospital that is situated within North Durham.

Each firefighter played a different yet pivotal role in attempting to free the worker.

Photographs from the scene show an entire group of firefighters each standing in a different angle and packed up closely together in order to help the trapped worker in being able to budge a little bit more until he can be freed completely.

Free At Last

The Darlington Fire Service and Rescue Service spokeswoman within County Durham states that the worker had slipped and fell down on one of his legs.

As a result, all efforts from him to make it back out came at no avail and he remained encompassed for several more hours, according to a report on the matter by Sky News.

The call for the trapped worker was set to have been made last Monday around 11:45 in the morning. After two hours of efforts, the worker was eventually set free from the cement mixer.