Man Finds £11,000 Worth of Cocaine in Nesquik Tub


A man found £11,000 worth of cocaine in a tub of Nesquick he bought from a supermarket.  Many jokesters have taken to twitter to bring some humour to the situation, making #Nesquik a hashtag trend.

A man found £11,000 worth of cocaine- a 250g pack- inside a Nesquick tub he bought from a supermarket.

The Incident

The man, from Zaragoza, Spain, and is remaining anonymous, was reportedly opening the lid just expecting to find cocoa powder, but among the powder he found a 250g packet of white powder. The man reported the find to the authorities, who later confirmed that it was cocaine.

The Investigation

Investigators said they think the dealer must have inserted cocaine in the box while inside the supermarket. The customer said that the lid of the tub looked like it was tampered with. Police are now testing to find the fingerprints on the packet.

According to El Mundo, the man then threatened to sue the supermarket after the media mocked him. According to the man’s lawyer, he is currently scared that he may be targeted by drug traffickers, and has said that he has suffered “moral damage” because of this media coverage of the incident.

The Zaragoza supermarket at which this incident occurred has not been named.

Twitter Comments on the Incident

Some twitter users have taken to social media to bring some humor to the situation, soon making #Nesquik a trending hashtag.

One user said posted a picture of Nesquik’s Milk Slice biscuits, saying: “There is definitely crack cocaine in these, because I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner #Nesquik #addiction.”

Another said: “Apparently somebody found cocaine in some nequik container…. Times sure have changed from when I use to drink it.”

Another said: “We need more Nesquik in aisle six. I repeat, we have completely sold out of Nesquik.”