Man lived with decomposed bodies of mom and brother for year


A man in Minnesota could not bring himself to report the deaths of his mother and brother after their demise two years ago and so lived with the decomposing bodies.

Capt. Dale Hager of White Bear Police stated that Kuefler, who was 60 years old was arrested this week and charged with interference in a scene of death. This charge was leveled on him because he moved the body of his brother. Hager in his statement said that both brother and mother died of natural causes two years ago, i.e. in 2015.

A St’Paul Pioneer Press reported that Kuefler had written other family members several months after their passing saying they were in a terrible health condition and didn’t want any visitors. It was until September 2016 when neighbors reported inactivity at their residence, how their lawns were overgrown that the police found their bodies.

Kuefler’s defence

Kuefler, talking to the AP said that his mother, Evelyn Kuefler (94) died in August 2015 and Richard Kuefler, his twin brother had died several months before. Records from the court reveal that the mother’s body was decomposed while the brother’s body was ‘mummified.’

‘I am not a nut case. People may think I am but am not sincerely’, the maintenance worker shared in an interview on the telephone. ‘I loved them. I’m not insane.’

Hager said Social security and disability checks for Evelyn Kuefler and Richard Kuerfler were sent to their directly deposited into their accounts and that it did not look like money was taken. However federal authorities are still looking into it. Kuefler denied tapping into their accounts.

The misdemeanor charge was filed by the authorities against Kuefler by the authorities partly to assist him access some psychological help through the court.

‘We believe his actions were against the law. This is how we will introduce this case to the court’ Hager stated.
‘Our partners in the legal system will help make a good decision. We’re counting on it’ he shared. Keufler has stated that he doesn’t need any counseling, he has no criminal records.

‘My mother always wanted to die at home, I watched her die’ he said.