Man Survived 2005 London Explosion Described As Manchester Blast 23rd Victim


A man who survived the 2005 bombing attack in London committed suicide a few hours after Manchester bomber attack took place after Ariana Grande’s concert, killing 22 people.

Tony Walter, 52, was found dead at his home after he did not show up at his work the day followed the Manchester terrorist bombing.

The 23rd victim of the bomber attack

A close source to Mr Walter said he was the “23rd victim” of the bomber attack as the victim could have committed suicide since he “didn’t want to live in a world where these terror attacks continue”.

Mr Walter suffered from shrapnel injuries after the London bomber attack, which took place in a train after leaving Edgware Road station and was conducted by terrorist Mohammad Sidique Khan 12 years ago.

Close sources said that the recent blast in Manchester and the stabbing at Westminster in March provoked painful memories and unwelcome feelings.

“Everyone is distraught by Tony taking his life. After the Westminster attack, he really struggled,” an unnamed friend of Mr Walter told The Sun.

“He was off work for a few days saying he couldn’t cope with how it brought back the memories of 7/7.”


Mr Walter showed up at work the day following the Westminster attack but his coworkers at London firm The Legal 500 said he was likely “withdrawn”.

So when he did not go to work the day after the Manchester blast, he co-workers got worried and called the police.

During 7/7 inquest six years ago, Mr Walter said that as the bomb went off, “I remember feeling that I was being electrocuted from my feet up.”

The Edgware Road blast was one of four bombs that were dropped across London, causing 752 casualties, 52 people killed and over 700 injured.

Mr Walter was a few yards away from bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan inside the Tube carriage when the bomb exploded on July 7, 2005.