Marijuana Customers Waiting In Lines Since 2 A.M Surrounding Marijuana Dispensaries


Hundreds stood in line, waiting for the opening of two marijuana dispensaries in Reno-Blüm and Sierra Wellness Connection, two of the first dispensaries in Nevada to provide recreational marijuana.

All Sorts

Inside the dispensaries, “budtenders” sold sealed Ziploc bags with different substances, including, joints, gummies or oils.

At Sierra Wellness, bartenders went to men’s club down the road for change as the dispensaries lacked $1 bills.

“Right at 12:01 a.m., they already have my transaction ready so that I can be the first in the state,” said Todd Weatherhead, the first person in line at Sierra Wellness.

Production manager at a local cultivation center Todd Weatherhead had been standing in line since 4:20 p.m., he said.

Nevada is the fifth state in the U.S. that allows selling marijuana for recreational purposes.

Pots are available for adults who are 21 or above; they can purchase an ounce pot with a valid ID.

“Everyone’s excited, it’s upbeat. Everyone’s happy, giddy,” said Troy White, 28, who was visiting from Boise, Idaho, and decided to “be part of history” on her way to Lake Tahoe by waiting in line at Blum in Midtown Reno.

The building was surrounded with queues of people who have been waiting for the opening Blum since 2 p.m.. However, media was surprised by the fact that none of the pot customers was upset due to the fact that they had to wait for long hours. As White, the consumer, arrived at the dispensary, intended to purchase some edibles and “have fun” with her new pot.

Sibling Support

Alisha White of Reno, 38, waited in the line at Sierra Wellness to show support for her brother and daughter although she is not a smoker.

“My daughter started to have seizures two years ago.” she said. “I gave her some marijuana, and it helped her.”

“Marijuana helps people in pain. I’ve watched it change people’s lives.”

Customers who waiting in queues came from different backgrounds; some were carrying teddy bears as if they were smoking cannabis. On the other hand, some customers were wearing suits as if they have just finished their white-collar jobs.