Marvel goes to NFTs with Spider-Man leading the way

Marvel finally gets down to NFTs

The frenzy of the NFTs had subsided since the highs of last February but it seems to be resuming in recent weeks. Now is the perfect time for the famous Veve marketplace to announce the release of Marvel’s first official non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Certainly, for those who follow the news of NFTs, this is not a surprise. Indeed, last June, Marvel announced that it wanted to launch a collection of NFTs soon. The formalization therefore took place yesterday and, as expected, it is on the VeVe marketplace that these NFTs will be available, bearing the image of the only Spider-Man at first.

Spider-Man is the first-ever @Marvel digital collectibles drop on the VeVe app! Get ’em this Saturday, 07 August at 8AM PT!

Details, product updates & more πŸ•ΈοΈ πŸ•·οΈ

– VeVe | Collecting 2.0 (@veve_official) August 5, 2021

The sale is scheduled for this Saturday, August 7 at 11 p.m. (French time). For those who would like to get hold of some, there will be five 3D digital statues to collect, with prices ranging from $ 40 to $ 400:

The Amazing Spider-Man priced at $ 40 for 32,000 units; Hangin ‘Out priced at $ 50 for 16,000 units; Jump Into Action priced at $ 100 for 9,000 units; Animated priced at $ 250 for 2,500 units: Ultimate Animated priced at $ 400 for 1,000 units.

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Marvel’s planned arrival on the market

Marvel did not rush its entry into the NFT market, and the production company did not want to jump on the February record-breaking train. On the contrary, this arrival was prepared upstream.

The market is booming. Marvel understood that NFTs could represent a significant economic windfall. The entire cinematographic world is still suffering today from the crisis caused by Covid-19, which notably resulted in the closure of cinemas.

Spider-Man is just the first in a long list of Marvel NFTs

For Marvel, if Spider-Man’s NFTs are a try, the vision is more of a long-term one. Indeed, many other Marvel NFTs will be released in August, a β€œMarvel Month” for VeVe. The latter announced that five covers of Marvel Comics # 1, the very first comic book in the franchise, released in 1939, will soon be available for sale as NFT. Captain America is also announced, without knowing the release date to date.

Without saying it openly, Marvel thus wishes to launch before its competitor of always and the other big American publishing house of comics, DC Comics. Moreover, the latter also works with VeVe, who has therefore succeeded in attracting the two giants to his purse!

Anyway, Marvel is now well and truly launched in the world of NFTs. The question that can therefore be asked is whether the early fans will follow, them who love to collect the physical figures of their favorite heroes.

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