Mass Effect: Amdromeda’s trailer is finally out, and it’s awesome!


At the recently concluded Game Awards for 2016, we were treated to a live gameplay of Mass Effect: Andromeda. This year’s Game award was packed with punches, with one most surprising being the live gameplay action experience of Mass Effect:Andromeda. The developers demonstrated the incredible work that they have done, with the game’s 2017 spring release coming up soon.

Aaryn Flynn of BioWare unveiled the trailer by commenting that “ producing quality, and exciting games is not so easy”. He expressed his gratitude towards all the patient fans, promising them an exciting journey through some astoundingly beautiful planets in the game.

The Andromeda story took place many centuries ago, but after the events of other Mass effect games the producers felt the need to develope a game that will become a timeless classic. In this newly created masterpiece, the role of the “Pathfinder,” is someone who is searching for habitable planets for humans.

Notably, in the original series, we were exposed to the alien world, this new flix will take a back seat to that, in it the aliens get to see what is at the other end of the spectrum.

“You are a pathfinder- half guide and half soldier,” the trailer narrates. “It is your destiny to find humanity new planets, are you up for it?”

The trailer itself features the pathfinder, also known as ‘The Ryder’. He is seen driving high end vehicles through fascinating territories of alien land, whose inhabitants are not so happy with Ryder’s presence.

As the gameplay experience was revealed, the developers went on Twitter to tease the scores of hardcore Mass Effect fans with Easter eggs laid along the trailer.

A short trailer of Andromeda was released by Bioware last month. Several cinematic visuals were packed into this new game. The experience at the Game Awards was touted as exciting because of all the cinematic visuals in the trailer.


The developer of the game; Bioware had kept the entire development of Andromeda a secret. Astonishingly, there were no footage leaks to any news outlet. The release date will be spring of 2017, and although it was delayed from being released in 2016, Bioware believed the delay was worth it.


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