maximum to extinction The hero Wu Yi Fan was crushed by the Chinese media The case of deceitful women – fresh news

maximum to extinction Hero Wu Yifan – Global Times reports that the arrest of “Chris Wu” or “Wu Yifan”, a 30-year-old actor, former EXO member who was accused of sexual harassment shook the Chinese entertainment industry and was The bell warns of the impermanence of idols.

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It also shows that having power in the industry is not a pavement for doing anything arbitrarily.

Singer-actor Kris Wu is seen on the cover of a fashion magazine at a newsstand in Beijing, China July 20, 2021. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

Police arrested Wu Yifan, age, on Saturday night, July 31, although police did not disclose details of the man arrested. But many media outlets pointed out that the suspect was Wu Yifan.

maximum to extinction The hero Wu Yi Fan

Recent scandal Affecting the career of many of the most influential celebrities in China, many brands withdrew Wu Yifan from being a presenter after “Du Mei Zhu”, a young net idol revealed that being seduced to be a victim Since I was 17 years old

The hero Wu Yi Fan

Du Meizhu accused the protagonist Wu Yifan.

Wu Yifan denied the allegations in the Weibo app on July 19 that he had not had sex with a minor and if so. He will go to prison by himself.

A lawyer for Beijing Lanpeng law firm told The Global Times that if Wu was indeed at fault. May face a maximum sentence of 10 years to life imprisonment. After serving a sentence in China may also be deported

The hero Wu Yi Fan

FILE PHOTO: Kris Wu arrives at the iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada August 26, 2018. REUTERS/Mark Blinch/File Photo

Wu Fatien, a Beijing-based lawyer, said that although Wu is legally a Canadian citizen But Chinese law applies to anyone who commits a crime in the country.

Police quickly arrested Wu Yifan following a scandal that sparked criticism in mainstream media in China.

The People’s Daily criticized the case as no exception for foreigners. No matter how famous people were, there was no immunity. The offender must be punished.

And remember, the more famous The more you have to have self-discipline. the more famous The more you have to respect the law

People walk next to a home appliances store displaying an advertisement that features singer-actor Kris Wu, at a shopping mall in Beijing, China July 20, 2021. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang

The Ligal Daily newspaper wrote that Wu’s case was not just gossip. It is a legal case that teaches society that everyone is legally equal.

The Central Committee on Politics and Law communist party of china commented on Weibo that everyone must obey Chinese law in mainland China Chinese law is not wrong and doesn’t give a damn. based on the truth

maximum to extinction  The hero Wu Yi Fan

While many famous people commented, including the famous screenwriter Liu Liu. He apologized on Saturday night to defend Wu five years ago after a woman posted on social media accusing a celebrity of sexually harassing her.

Liu Liu wrote that self-reflection seriously and the greatest reminder is to be trained and educated in morality, and that he will close his Weibo account for half a year as punishment for himself.

Well-known talk show star Li Chowqin, who is also a fan of Wu Yifan, also made the move by deleting all posts related to the Sino-Canadian idol.

while social media deletes various information about celebrities no longer have space in online media

The official Weibo account of the historical drama The Golden Hairpin, which Wu Yifan starred in for the first time, has also deleted all posts written in support of the young hero. Only the posters with the characters are left.

The highest to the extinction, the protagonist Wu Yifan

The Golden Hairpin series doesn’t know where to go.

Sunday night Wu Yifan’s personal Weibo account, which has over 50 million followers, and Wu’s studio have been terminated due to illegality and related regulations. More than 100 topics related to Wu on Weibo were also closed.

In addition, the Chinese version of Douyin, Tiktok, blocked and removed all followers, while Chinese music platform NetEase Cloud Music deleted Wu Yifan’s songs.

maximum to extinction  The hero Wu Yi Fan

Prospering, the future is fading

Xiao Fuqiu, a film critic in Shanghai said this situation That means that Wu’s acting career Yifan in China has closed. Movies and dramas that Wu has starred in will inevitably be affected.

Beijing-based cultural critic Tsai Wenshi agreed with Xiao that The Golden Hairpin may not be aired. Even with a huge investment of more than 600 million yuan, or about 3,000 million baht, and has already received a license to broadcast

The scandal also affected the shares of three companies, Tencent, China, Literature and Phoenix. Agreed, which implied that this drama may lose more than the investment.

maximum to extinction  The hero Wu Yi Fan

The Golden Hairpin series poster

Wu’s popularity dropped drastically. Until there was a trend with the hashtag “losing fans” on Weibo, but there is still a group of loyal fans who still support Wu Yifan by opening the topic “Lee Jiaheng Top Issue” using the Chinese name. Wooma’s title and content is full of “save” posts of the idol actor.

Meanwhile, a widespread image on Weibo of a group of people standing outside the Chaoyang District Police Station in Beijing.

Tsai said Wu’s case reminded idols and public figures that no one would use their fame or power to deceive fans. receive gifts and money or benefit from body and reputation

He also stressed that idols who are as famous as Wu Yifan should have morals and respect the law to be a good role model for their fans.


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