McClaren To Split With Honda


McLaren are set to split with their engine partner Honda by the end of the season after 3 years into their partnership.

This split comes after a string of below par season ever since they started their partnership two years ago.

McLaren will now switch to using Renault engines, after signing a three-year deal, while Honda are set to partner with Toro Rosso.

Furthermore, Renault have revealed that they have signed up the services of Carlos Sainz, who currently drives for Toro Rosso this session for next season. While Fernando Alonso is set to sign a new contract with McClaren that will keep him with the team to 2018.

Red Bull and Renault To Part Ways

There are also reports that Red Bull is set to part ways with Renault at the end of next season after they were informed that the car company is not interested in extending their contract with the team after two years of prolonged issues on the way to move the team forward.

One the other hand, the engine deals, and Sainz’s contract have now been interlinked with each other. The issue had taken a lot of months to set up and has included a lot of input from the team boss involved. Furthermore, the F1’s governing body the FIA and commercial rights holders the F1 Group were a part of the deal.