Meow swallowed the needle, very frightening, almost fell into the blind socket – fresh news

Meow swallows needles – The Mirror reports the story of a cat in England who fell blind because he played with a long needle that his boss dropped on the floor. until swallowed The needle stung from his neck almost terrifyingly hitting his eye socket.

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A cautionary tale for cat slaves this time. Born to the family of François and Ike Krukamp, ​​40 years old, they live in Cambridge. Adopt a 14-week-old kitten named Nala, who suffered a painful groan. after swallowing the needle

Meow swallows a needle

X-ray film See needle position / Image: SWNS

The two hurriedly took Nala to the doctor. The veterinarian took X-rays and found that the tip of the needle had pierced the point where it was frightening. almost hit the eye socket a few millimeters away I’m afraid that if I leave it may cause the cat to go blind or if the needle slips into the stomach It may cause internal bleeding. more serious So I decided to have surgery to remove the needle.

The surgical team uses a telescope to direct it to a precise point. to gently pull out the needle It took 4 hours for the surgery and then was very fortunate that Nala recovered quickly. And now it’s back with the boss.

Meow swallows a needle

The naughty one has recovered / Image: SWNS

“It was a very terrifying situation. We regret that It might be a bad situation. The needle was very close to the eye socket. and dangerous if it moves especially if moving into the stomach It will damage the internal organs for sure,” said the cat owner.

On the other hand, surgeon Poppy Bristow said the case was not very normal. The cat will swallow the needle into this position. The doctor had never had a case like this before.


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