Mercedes Renews Valtteri Botta’s Contract


Mercedes Benz driver, Valtteri Bottas, has renewed his contract with the team which means he will still race with the team in 2018.

Valtteri Bottas joined Mercedes on a year contract in 2017 to fill up the vacant spot left by retired Mercedes rider and champion Nico Rosberg.

Bottas, 28, is currently in the third spot of the men’s championship after getting two wins from a total of 13 races this year. His teammate Lewis Hamilton is currently leading the chart.

I Took A Leap Of Faith

Bottas who has also driven Williams is entering his fifth season in Formula One.

“When I was called upon by Mercedes, I took a leap of faith and just believed that I could do it my own way.” said Bottas.
“The fact that I have gotten a new contract shows that I am doing something right.”

Before he joined Mercedes, Bottas had never recorded any win in Formula One and only reached nine podium finishes. He has already matched that record this season.

Toto Wolf, the boss of Mercedes said; “Bottas has progressed very fast ever since he joined us and it is the right decision to keep him with us till 2018.”

“The dynamic and chemistry between him and Lewis Hamilton works great for us and that is what we need to get over our competitors.”