Michael Jordan sneakers sold for record price

A pair of sneakers worn by NBA superstar Michael Jordan were auctioned for nearly $ 1.5 million on Sunday, a record price for shoes worn in matches, the Sotheby’s auction house announced.

The sneakers, dressed in red and white, were worn by the American basketball legend in Game 5 of his first season with the Chicago Bulls.

“The most valuable athletic shoes ever to be auctioned, the 1984 Nike Air Ships worn by Michael Jordan during the regular season, just sold for $ 1,472,000 at our luxury sale in Las Vegas,” he said. the auction house said in a statement posted on Twitter.

This price is well above the record held by a pair of Nike Air Jordans, which sold for $ 615,000 in August 2020 at an auction.

The market for rare sports shoes, considered a niche market ten years ago, is booming, and arouses the interest of collectors and the general public.

The signed shoes sold on Sunday predate the first Air Jordans. The Air Ships were designed by Peter Moore. Michael Jordan wore this model in 1984 and 1985, as well as modified versions in 1986.


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