Michael Sheen to Act Less and Focus on Political Activism


Renowned Welsh actor Michael Sheen, known best from ‘Masters of Sex’ and ‘The Queen’ has tweeted his future ambitions regarding his acting career, in which he stated he intends on focusing a lot less in acting, and much more in political activism so as to battle the conservative far-right.

Rumors were spread instantly in which they changed around his words, saying Mr. Sheen will quit acting entirely, in which the famous actor responded by tweeting before this matter digs a far deeper hole “I’m thinking I might start acting less and maybe even stop for a while at some point but don’t know yet.”

Mr. Sheen went on later to post on Tumblr in which he started his statement by posting “What I Did Not Say,” and reassured the public his true intentions.

Interest In Politics

Mr. Sheen has taken more of an interest in politics due to the conflicts that have surfaced back in his home town, and had given a speech back in March of 2015 where he fiercely defended the NHS.

Mr. Sheen gave the example of how the Nazis should ultimately have been stopped as they were rapidly rising to power in the 1930’s, and added by saying that whatever is going on now first must be understood, so that solutions and methods to reverse the rising of them is successful.

Nevertheless, he was clear on his views concerning the matter of those who voted for Brexit, saying he is in no way referring to them as fascists and that since the voice of the people have voted for it, then the decision should be accepted and respected as well for the sake of democracy.

Mr. Sheen finished off by saying that the gradual rise of fascism amongst the Western nations must stop, and that each individual should be assisting in whatever distinct way they can.