Microsoft wants to use Ethereum blockchain to fight piracy

Microsoft invents an anti-piracy system based on the Ethereum blockchain

With the help of researchers from Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Microsoft’s research department has developed Argus, an anti-hacking tool based on the Ethereum blockchain. The system aims to fight against content piracy, such as software, films or series for example.

Concretely, the Argus system plans to remunerate all the users who make it possible to find a pirated copy of a content. Users will then automatically receive a reward through the blockchain in exchange for their report.

First of all, all content must be watermarked, or digital watermarked. This watermark prevents hackers from using or viewing the stolen content. It also contains information making it possible to precisely identify content with the blockchain.

“The interest of the owner is to obtain an accurate count of the number of pirated copies,” explain the researchers in the Argus presentation report.

When an Internet user comes across pirated content, he is invited to report it using the invisible code embedded in the watermark. He then receives remuneration. The blockchain will then record that the content has been pirated in order to prevent the Internet user from reporting it repeatedly.

Microsoft’s objective is obviously to encourage Internet users to denounce cases of piracy. Ultimately, Argus must make it possible to trace a pirate copy to the individual who put it online. For this, Microsoft relies on watermarking and the strengths of the blockchain.

In order to keep transaction costs, or gas, as low as possible, Microsoft researchers have carried out several experiments.

โ€œArgus running on a public blockchain, the gas consumption of the procedure must be very low. The cost of hacking reports is reduced to a cost equivalent to 14 Ether transactions, โ€explains Microsoft.

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Microsoft is still interested in blockchain

Despite the imminent abandonment of the Azure Blockchain service, Microsoft continues to take a keen interest in blockchain technology. In recent years, the American software publisher has also proposed several projects based on the blockchain.

Last year, Microsoft notably launched a decentralized digital identity (DID) service on the Bitcoin mainnet (BTC). A few months earlier, the American giant also lifted the veil on a smart contract verification tool.

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