Mike Pence’s New Neighbors Hang Half Dozen Gay Pride Flags Outside Homes As He Moves In


Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s new neighbors in the posh Chevy Chase area of Washington D.C. are letting their opinions all out- on their balcony- as they hang up giant rainbow flags on the front of their homes.

Residents in the northwest region of the capital hung the flag, a representation of gay pride or alliance, when the former Indiana governor moved into the temporary $6,000-per-month home.

Peaceful Protest

His new neighbors hope to combat his ideals in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Upon taking office, Pence will be relocate to the Naval Observatory, but until then he will have to deal with the some half-dozen flags posted upon his arrival to the neighborhood.

Neighbors say they are using the flags to portray disagreement with Pence’s outspoken anti-gay ideologies.

“A respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking,” resident Ilse Heintzen said to WJLA.

Homophobic History

As Indiana governor, Pence was the first in the country to sign into law a policy allowing businesses to decline service to gay and lesbian customers in 2015.

He claimed the law allowed for the protection of “religious freedom” for the businesses. The move resulted in boycotts by large companies such as Apple and NCAA, and even religious organizations took to protest.

Pence even shocked the nation when he admitted to supporting “gay conversion therapy”, as stated on his website: “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

The then-governor also criticized the repealing of the American military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, saying: “I would still have a problem with it because there’s no question…mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion would have an impact on recruitment, an impact on readiness, that’s been established and written about and chronicled for many many years.”

Neighbors say many more flags are on their way to the block as residents hope to change Pence’s mind about some of the anti-gay rhetoric he believes in.