Millionairess is arrested for attacking stewardess in First Class


A telecoms millionairess has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an air steward while travelling to Barbados. Diane Breen however, has escaped with only a warning because the incident took place over international waters.

Ms Breen, 52, who is herself a former air stewardess had been told to keep the noise down in her £5,000 First Class seat while travelling to Barbados onboard Virgin Atlantic. However, she is said to have become angry after drinking Champagne and attacked the stewardess in the bar area.


Complaints are understood to have been made to the stewardess from other passengers who felt unable to enjoy their flight. However, when she asked Ms Breen to be quieter, she was allegedly attacked. Mr Breen was arrested when the flight arrived at Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados.

Ms Breen, who lives in plush Over Alderley, Cheshire appeared before magistrates, supported by her telecoms entrepreneur partner Steve Palmer. Magistrate Elwood Watts told her that she should go in peace and make sure that she behaved herself during any furthr flights. He added: “This attendant clearly felt your behaviour warranted intervention, don’t find yourself here again.”

A spokesman for Virgin Atlantic confirmed that Flight number VS77 which was travelling from Manchester had been greeted by police when it arrived in Barbados as a result of disruptive behaviour from passengers.

While the woman will face no further action from police about the incident, Virgin Atlantic is now carrying out its own investigation, which may result in her facing a lifetime ban on travel with the airline.

The spokesman added: “The safety and security of customers and crew is always our priority and we will not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board our aircraft. We always want our customers to have the best experience when they fly with us, and while very rare, it is disappointing when a disruptive individual impacts that experience for other customers.”

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