More than 100,000 people hospitalized because of Covid-19, a record

The number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in the United States has reached 100,000 people in the past seven days, its highest level since last winter.

This outbreak, which comes against a backdrop of an upsurge in cases in the middle of the summer due to the highly transmissible Delta variant, is also more than double the average recorded during the same period last year, when vaccines were not yet available. .

Hospitalizations in the country have increased by nearly 500% in the past two months, especially in southern states, where immunization rates are the lowest in the country.

With 16,457 people hospitalized, Florida leads the state in terms of hospitalizations, followed by Texas, according to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

According to American media, the European Union intends to recommend to its member countries to reinstate restrictions on travelers from the United States due to this increase in the number of COVID-19 infections.

The criteria for American travelers to travel to the European area for non-essential travel must not cross 75 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of new cases in the United States has exceeded 11,000 per 100,000 population in the past two weeks. Just recently, 11,810 cases per 100,000 were reported.


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