More than 50% of the World cannot Use Facebook


This week, United Nation’s International Telecommunication Union released a report that showed that only 47.1% of the world is online. This is still more than 2015, which had only 43%. The spread of portable systems around the world has assumed a vital part in expanding Internet availability, according the report said. Versatile broadband systems cover 84% of the total populace this year, yet the quantity of clients, at 47.1%, is well beneath the individuals who have internet access.

The report went on to say, “While infrastructure deployment is crucial, high prices and other barriers remain important challenges to getting more people to enter the digital world. This suggests that many people are yet to benefit fully from the opportunities brought by the Internet.”

An expert with ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala said, the rate of those utilizing the Internet is very low. Kerravala says, “The Internet is one of the great equalizers in life, and the world needs to work together to get everyone on the Internet. It’s very frustrating. There are pockets of activity of bringing the Internet everywhere, but it tends to be at a country level not a global one.” While organizations like Facebook and Google are taking a shot at advances to give Internet availability to rustic and poor ranges far and wide, Kerravala said there should be more thoughts on the most proficient method to deliver access to the internet.

“For example, in Canada they deploy fiber to every school, and then the school connection feeds the town where people don’t have it. We need a plan like that in India or rural China”, said Kerravala. While a great part of the development in Internet utilization originates from developing nations, many individuals in those territories don’t possess or utilize a cell phone. South Korea had the most abnormal amounts of Internet availability and utilization, while the African countries of Niger, Chad, Guinea-Bissau and South Sudan had the least.

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Dennis Spencer
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