more than 87% of the target population vaccinated

87.8% of the target population (36,994,918 people) in Spain have already received the full cycle of vaccination against Covid-19 and 89.9% have received a dose (37,846,897 people), according to the latest report published by the Ministry of Health.

A total of 70,919,608 doses of Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen were administered in Spain, or 93.8% of the doses distributed in the autonomous communities, specifies the ministry.

As for additional doses, according to data from the Ministry of Health, a total of 364,696 doses have already been administered: 273,242 by Pfizer and 91,454 by Moderna. At this time, this additional dose is only indicated for people with a high risk condition and people living in nursing homes.

The Ministry of Health provided this information in the activity report on the Covid-19 vaccination process, based on data collected between December 27, the date of the start of vaccinations, and October 13.

Data from the department headed by Carolina Darias indicate that during this period 58,123,059 doses of Pfizer vaccine were received in Spain, of which 53,616,591 were delivered, 50,161,659 doses were administered.

Spain has also received 11,801,000 doses of Moderna vaccine, 10,752,760 have already been distributed to the Autonomous Communities and 9,011,624 doses have been administered.

Regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, the report published by the Ministry of Health indicates that of the 14,811,980 doses purchased, 9,111,010 arrived in Spain, of which 9,778,756 were administered.

Finally, 2,161,510 doses of the vaccine developed by Janssen against the coronavirus have been delivered to the autonomous regions, of which 1,967,569 have already been administered.

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