Moroccans escaped from a plane: news in the case

News in the case of Moroccans who escaped from a plane bound for Turkey, following an emergency landing at Palma de Mallorca airport, Spain.

According to the Spanish media, the Moroccan authorities have delivered the photos of the 13 passengers who managed to escape from the airport in Spain, as part of the security cooperation between the two countries.

This helping hand will make it easier for the Spanish authorities to get their hands on the rest of the escapees. 12 fugitives were arrested while the others are still wanted.

As a reminder, the incredible story goes back to last Friday, when an Air Arabia plane had to land urgently in Spain after the deterioration of a passenger’s state of health.

It turned out, later, that the passenger in question did not suffer from any health problem and that everything was only a staging, planned for months via a group on Facebook in order to illegally access to Spanish territory.


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