Morpheus.Network (MNW) changes token – What does that imply for the blockchain platform at the service of logistics?

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Morpheus.Network (MNW), the supply chain solution

With a constant increase in international trade, supply chains face various problems related to the ineffectiveness of contracts in paper format, but also the lack of security of their digitized versions. Several blockchain-related alternatives have thus emerged, and Morpheus.Network (MNW) is one of them.

Here, Morpheus.Network allows its users to optimize and automate transactions using smart contracts. Unlike other platforms, the network offers the possibility of using different blockchains among Ethereum, Litecoin, Hyperledger, Eos or even the Binance Chain.

The simplicity and ergonomics of the platform have enabled it to forge links with various partners. Different modules can be developed by users, which makes this middleware solution easily adaptable to the needs of its users.

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The change of token

No more MRPH, the token that used to pay Morpheus.Network transaction fees, make way for MNW. This new token accompanied by its new ticker will however remain closely linked to its predecessor, since it will retain the same functionalities. The interest of this change stems from the desire to continue improving the security and efficiency of transactions on the Morpheus.Network platform.

Improving smart contracts is a solution that has been chosen, and security is once again at the heart of the subject. This component is essential, because users generally entrust confidential data to the various Morpheus.Network tools. In order to ensure the reliability of this update, the platform has joined forces with the audit company Certik, with the aim of achieving an optimal level of security.

If you have MRPHs, it is possible from October 18, 2021, until October 18, 2022, to convert all of your old tokens to their new version. This exchange is done for an equal amount, that is to say that 100 MRPH bring 100 MNW. No fees will be incurred by the platform, but we must however expect transaction fees from the Ethereum blockchain, since this new token is also an ERC-20.

MNW Logo

MNW token logo

How to swap your MRPH tokens into MNW?

The handling is simple and is done directly on the Morpheus.Network site. The first step is to connect a MetaMask wallet holding MRPH tokens.

morpheus swap

Once the connection is established, simply click on the “Swap” button to continue. Once the transaction was validated on the MetaMask browser extension, your MRPHs were successfully exchanged for MNWs!

For information, here are the 2 new smart contracts implemented on the Ethereum blockchain by Morpheus.Network:

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A graphic redesign

The change of token is accompanied by a change of logo. We stay in agreement with the “M” to recall the name of the platform, but we soften the shapes. The new design breaks away from both geometric and very straight lines, for something more rounded.

The aim of this change is to bring a more natural and flexible image to Morpheus.Network. It is in a way a way of expressing the capacity of the service to adapt and evolve.

new Morpheus logoNew logo for the Morpheus.Network platform

Despite stiff competition in the blockchain solutions sector for supply chains, Morpheus.Network is already establishing itself as a headliner.

The platform’s image is essential, because it acts as a trusted third party between the relationships of its various employees. The security of the data exchanged and the adaptability of the service are the keystones of recent changes.

This graphic upgrade and progress in terms of safety only consolidates its lead in the field of resolving issues related to supply chains.

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