Mother cautions about the harm of exposing new babies to human contact


Nicole and Shane Sifrit are tensed because of the possibility of losing the 3-weeks-old baby as she suffers a deadly virus contracted from a kiss. The newlyweds from Lowa had their baby on July 1. About two hours after their wedding, they noticed their child was unusual.

According to Nicole Sifirit, she found out their newly born baby didn’t eat and failed to respond. She stopped breathing within two hours, and her organs began to fail. Nicole told a WHO affiliate of CNN.

WHO speaks on the issue

According to WHO, the couple had to leave their wedding before time to rush Mariana to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines. At the hospital, it was diagnosed that Mariana had been infected with meningitis HSV-1 which is caused by herpes virus – a virus that’s also responsible for cold sores.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, Fungi, bacteria and other types of germs can cause the Herpes meningitis. And this virus can be spread via sexual contact as well from a mother to a child during childbirth.

The parents of the newly born tested negative to the herpes virus. As such, it could be that one of the visitors had infected the baby. Sifrit said that her visitors touch her, and she touches her mouth with her hand. However, it’s hard to tell how Mariana contracted the virus pointedly but it’s necessary that people take caution when visitors touch their babies.

A pediatrician at Calabasas Pediatrics, Dr. Tanya Altmann stated that viral meningitis is passed via close contact. It’s effortless to contract the virus but hardly develops into meningitis. Altmann said that Mariana must have contracted the herpes virus, and then it deteriorated into meningitis. She added that the first two months of every baby is crucial because they are vulnerable to virus infections. And that’s why parents need to be more careful during the first few months.

Sifrit informed CNN that her baby was moved to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital on the 1oth of July following her worsening health condition. As of Sunday, the doctors are trying to maintain the baby, as well working to drain off the fluid in her body.

Sifrit added that the doctors have warned that if her child survives, there’s a high probability that she will have problems with her liver, brain, and kidneys. However, Mariana may be in the hospital for the next six months.