Muslim Woman Claims She Was Racially Abused Whilst in London


A Muslim woman named Nahella Ashraf, 46, recently claimed that she was racially abused whilst on a business trip in London, which then resulted in an anti-racism protest in the city.

According to Ashraf’s claims, she had apparently been spat on and then assaulted by a man who attempted to kick her out of a fish and chip chop and exclaimed that she “shouldn’t be here.”

The authorities are currently investigating this matter further to determine the motives behind the attack and the circumstances leading up to it.

Ms.Ashraf said that she was simply having dinner when a random man had confronted her and as her friend tried to shove the man away from her, one of the staff members stood up to the man.

Always Time for Hate

According to those who were present, they claim that the stranger had stated during the altercation that “people like her, they kill” and then had been thrown out but not before spitting on the face of Ms.Ashraf.

As soon as the staff members had begun to contact the authorities, the man immediately proceeded to leave.

First Time for Everything

“I was totally shocked, it all happened so quickly. I have never had this before” Ms.Ashraf remarked on the matter, adding that the staff had proven to be completely helpful and assisted her throughout the entire conflict.

The staff told Ms.Ashraf that the man had mental issues.

Ms.Ashraf expressed how stunned she was in experiencing such a matter in Hammersmith out of all places, where an extremely diverse background of ethnicities coexist.

Ms.Ashraf then added that since it even occurred in such a culturally mixed area, then no doubt the seriousness to this matter is ever more real, and thus she felt obliged to stand up and expose this incident.