Myanmar coup: military leaders claim opposition parties use fake news against COVID-19 “Biological Terrorism” – Live News

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who led Myanmar’s coup in February, appointed himself prime minister and said the state of emergency could extend to August 2023. Special Envoy to Myanmar help restore stability in the country

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In an hour-long speech over the weekend, Min Aung Hlaing pledged to hold “free and fair multi-party elections”, but continued to call the elected political party he had eliminated “the worst of all.” “Terrorists” after nearly a thousand people have died in an ongoing crackdown on anti-coup protesters.

Many of the protesters were officials in the collapsed health system amid the surge in COVID-19 cases.

Air Chief Marshal Min Aung Hlaing Reuters Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers a speech defending his coup. and attacked the opposition

Myanmar has so far reported 300,000 cases and 9,300 deaths, but testing is limited. As a result, these numbers may be much lower than reality.

In a televised speech, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing accused those opposing the coup: deliberately spreading covid-19

He spoke of “fake news and false information on social networks” about the Myanmar government’s coronavirus policy. and call it a “Biological Terrorism Tool”

BBC Bangkok correspondent Jonathan Head said the strange speech spoke about the need for more cotton and aromatic crops. to condemnation of those who seek to destroy the state and Myanmar’s traditions.

Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing also said the outbreak would be prevented by increasing vaccination for people. the extension of public holidays and what he called harmonious cooperation of the people

But our reporters reported that Dozens of medical personnel have been arrested and many have been in hiding since the coup. while people seeking medical care stated that The soldiers expelled them from the hospital. and strictly limiting access to oxygen Leaving many people to die at home

After the military seized power in February, a one-year state of emergency was declared, but a nationwide civil disobedience campaign continued. causing tens of thousands of workers to be fired or stop working in protest

Senior Air Chief Marshal Min Aung Hlaing insists Myanmar is stable. and further stated that “I vow to successfully hold multi-party elections.”

But it is not clear whether What are those political parties? The Myanmar general called Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party and its supporters a “demonstration”. “Extreme thinkers [ซึ่ง] Choose to commit acts of terror rather than doing or solving problems in accordance with the law.”

NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been detained since the coup. and faces a number of criminal charges.

Aung Jaw Moe, Myanmar human rights activist told the BBC that General’s assertion that the election will be held is “A lie and it won’t happen… the people of Myanmar will never believe such promises.”

Myanmar wants former Thai deputy minister to be ASEAN ambassador

The Reuters news agency reported that ASEAN foreign ministers are facing pressure to appoint a special envoy to Myanmar this week. After months of negotiations, there is still no consensus on the matter, with the Aug. 2 meeting expected to appoint a special envoy to end the violence and promote intergovernmental dialogue. Myanmar soldiers and the opposition

Reuters reported that the United Nations, the United States and China and several other countries said the 10-member Asean, including Myanmar, was the largest. best suited to spearhead diplomatic action in an effort to restore stability in Myanmar.

Reuters stated that The search for the special ambassador began in April, when ASEAN leaders issued a “five consensus” to resolve the unrest in Myanmar. The United Nations and the United States In recent weeks, it has called on ASEAN to expedite the appointment of a special envoy.

Brunei’s deputy foreign minister, Ariwan Yousof, said on July 30 that he hoped a final decision would be made on Monday. “Without an ambassador to guide It is very difficult” to resolve the situation in Myanmar.

People protest in Yangon on July 14. ReutersPeople protested in Yangon on July 14.

Reuters cited four regional diplomatic sources as saying that Eriwan was promoted as a special ambassador and assisted by “advisors”, but meetings by senior ASEAN officials on 29 Aug. c. cannot agree

The source also told Reuters that The nine member states of ASEAN and Myanmar’s military government must endorse the designation.

Reuters reported that Senior General Min Aung Hlaing said in a speech on Aug. 1 that Myanmar supported former Thai deputy foreign minister Wirasak Futrakul. is a special ambassador to Myanmar, but “a new proposal has come out and we are unable to move forward”.

“Myanmar is ready to cooperate with ASEAN within the ASEAN framework. including negotiating with the ASEAN Special Envoy to Myanmar.”

An anti-junta government spokesman for Myanmar’s National Unity Government said the special envoy must “Giving the people of Myanmar first priority”

Reuters reported that Ariwan openly confirmed. He was one of four options, the diplomat said. The other three who were considered were Mr. Weerasak. from Thailand, Mr. Hassan Virajuda, former Foreign Minister of Indonesia, and Mr. Razali Ismail, Malaysian diplomat.


BBC Thai news published on the website News Sod is a collaboration of two news organizations.

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