MyEtherWallet allows its users to tokenize blocks of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain

Transform Ethereum blocks into NFTs

On Medium, the MyEtherWallet (MEW) wallet unveiled its “ETH Blocks” project, which is its very first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Own a piece of Ethereum history with an ETH Block! Introducing our exclusive #NFT collection celebrating all things #Ethereum. Read the full announcement 👇 and get started minting at by accessing your wallet 🥳!

– MyEtherWallet | MEW (@myetherwallet) November 11, 2021

This initiative appears to be atypical since the concept makes it possible to transform an individual block of the Ethereum blockchain in the form of NFTs.

The objective of this project is to highlight the Ethereum blockchain, its community of developers as well as its users. In addition, MEW CEO Kosala Hemachandra explains:

“The project aims to provide full access to everything the Ethereum blockchain has to offer. Since most NFTs markets are currently built on the Ethereum blockchain, it made sense to us to involve Ethereum users at all skill levels by allowing them to own unique pieces of the blockchain itself. “

The “ETH Blocks” project is available exclusively to MEW users through the MyEtherWallet website.

Moreover, it is interesting to underline that the NFTs are accompanied by a single image generated from the data of the block.

According to their press release, the first people to claim an NFT will be entitled to discounts:

“The first 100 blocks are priced at 0.01 ETH, the next 500 at 0.03 ETH, and 0.05 ETH for all subsequent blocks (plus gas charges). “

Historical blocks will be reserved for the Ethereum team

For special meanings, some blocks will not be available. In this regard, blocks 1 to 10 are concerned, as the latter are reserved for the founders of Ethereum.

In addition, 13 blocks representing the history of Ethereum will also be auctioned for a month (November 11 to December 11). These correspond to the main stages of the project, the forks as well as the updates of its blockchain.

Profits will be donated to organizations like Wikipedia, The Skid Row Housing Trust, or Gary Sinise Foundation, among others.

“What’s amazing about ETH blocks is that they can be sentimental and meaningful or an educational tool. We are convinced that Ethereum can grow to be the indisputable best blockchain for Web 3.0. And now with ETH blocks we can remember and understand how we got there, ”adds Kosala Hemachandra.

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