Names of some of his abusers provided by Corey Feldman


Corey Feldman who was popular as a child actor back in the 80s had revealed that he suffered abuse along with Corey Haim. The abuse he reported came from a ring of pedophiles for years. He, on the ‘Dr. Oz’ show on Thursday named Jon Grissom his former assistant before naming the Special Assault Section of the LAPD.

Feldman asks LAPD to reprove pedophiles

“On his page on Social Media. This guy has photos of Corey Haim and me,” Feldman said of Grissom who at present is said to reside in Mexico. “He shows them off still.”

In 80s movie, ‘Licence to Drive,’ Grissom starred as a valet. He had said in a comment on YouTube that he was not guilty of the claims and that he is done trying to deny it since people don’t listen anyway.

However, Dr. Oz had shared a video on Thursday that the accused, Grissom had multiple cases of molestation filed in his record with the authorities.

Feldman shared his experience with his predator in his book released in 2014 called “Coreyogaphy,” with the false name ‘Ron Crimson’ which the abused said is in a way like that of his abuser.

In his book, he stated that often he would take pills provided by his assailant,  that “Ron will start touching me and touch my crotch, as my consciousness faded, I knew he was at it again. I would wake with him on top of me, jerking and tugging at me, reaching for my crotch.”

He shared “with the tutorship of Ron, my use of drugs gradually increased. I’m found taking narcotics with him, him encouraging me and spurring me on.”

On Monday Marty Weiss was named by Feldman and Megyn Kelly, he, however, is yet respond to their claims.