nearly 1,200 classes closed due to covid-19

Some 1,180 classes, mainly first degree, were currently closed in France because of the detection of cases of Covid-19, or 0.22% of the 527,000 French classes, announced Friday the Ministry of National Education in its weekly report .

Last week that number rose to 1,254, while six schools; five schools and a college located in the academies of Bordeaux, Toulouse, Orléans-Tours and Versailles, had to close their doors completely, added the ministry.

In addition, the same source indicates that from October 4 to 11, 401,032 saliva tests were offered and 205,229 carried out, adding that 9,123 establishments have offered a vaccination course since the start of the September school year.

If from this Friday, the tests become paying for unvaccinated adults who do not have a prescription, they will remain free in schools.

From next Monday, elementary school students in 79 departments will be exempt from wearing masks indoors, unlike those in 22 other departments in France and overseas, as part of the relief measures of the fight against the pandemic due to the improvement of health indicators which has been going on for several weeks.

SL (with MAP)

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