nearly 70% of Algerians pessimistic about the future of their country

Some 67% of Algerians are pessimistic about the future of their country in the face of the consequences of the financial and economic crisis, according to a recent study by the Arab Barometer, a research network based at Princeton University, in the United States. United.

Only 23% of Algerians believe their living conditions will improve in the next two or three years, said the study, the results of which were published by the Algerian media.

According to the document, Algerians approach the socio-economic future of their country with great concern and anguish because they greatly fear the detrimental impact of the financial crisis paralyzing their country on their daily lives and that the Algerian authorities are struggling to curb for lack of a rigorous or serious economic recovery plan.

The same source said that 19% of Algerians believe that the situation will worsen enormously because of the worsening of the financial crisis and its unfortunate consequences.

The study notes that 34% of Algerians surveyed by Arab Barometer experts indicated that the government should prioritize the creation of more employment opportunities and 21% are worried about the problems affecting the sector. of National Education, considering that the reform of this sector remains their first concern.

According to local media, this analysis confirms a general feeling in Algeria around the sharp deterioration in the living conditions of a population in the throes of progressive impoverishment after having savored the benefits of social peace during the boom years when the country had to 2011-2012 up to nearly $ 200 billion in foreign exchange reserves.

In this sense, “Algeria part plus” observes that this “prosperous Algeria” has disappeared to give way to another Algeria shaken on all sides by financial and economic difficulties, noting that this is the reason that largely explains the current pessimism or collective anguish that has been able to seize entire sections of the Algerian population.

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