New Dinosaur Specie with 50 ft Long Neck Discovered!


A group of paleontologist has reportedly discovered an all-new dinosaur specie that possesses a neck which could have been fifty feet long. Describing the distance of the dinosaur’s shoulder to the ground as six to nine feet, scientists have opined that the gigantic dinosaur was an inhabitant of the Late Jurassic Period and had lived about one hundred and sixty million years back. The remains of the specie discovered in Southern China have been named by the scientists as “Qijianglong guokr” or the “dragon of Quijiang.”

Air sacs in the neck helped it to maintain balance

While describing the neck as vulnerable and cumbersome, scientists believed that the anatomy feature did have crucial evolutionary value. According to Tetsuto Miyashita, the individual behind the description of the dinosaur, “It’s an efficient way of feeding to have a neck like that because you don’t have to move around a lot,” Explaining their findings in the publication, the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, the team of researchers said that Qijianglong was an example of balance and lightness despite being long and big. The team found air sacs inside the fossilized bones which ensured that the bones remained light and airy.

The dinosaur lived in a forested area and had very few enemies

Despite the fact that the research team did not have a complete skeletal structure, the team did find certain portions of the tail, trunk, hip and skull along with the intact and complete neck region. Since the areas around the brain did not show complete fusion of the bones with the brain, scientists believe that the dinosaur was an adolescent. Additionally, since it was huge in size, it did not have many predators, claim the research team. Apart from the dinosaur remains, the team also found a fossilized fish that pointed to the fact that the area had lakes and rivers and the long neck of the dinosaur suggests that it lived in a forest.

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