New Nokia 8 phones its focus on the rising demand for video-streaming


On Wednesday, HMD Global disclosed the Nokia 8, aiming to get more by satisfying the increasing demand for top quality video and audio features. The Android device scheduled to be out by September will hopefully stand out from its competitors regarding price, but will still be challenged by the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

The Nokia 8 goes below Apple with its price tag of ($703) 599 euros. Apple offers a lower version of its recent phones for a related price but charges many euros for the major features including memory.

Key features of Nokia 8

The Nokia 8 features a dual-sight video that allows for simultaneous live streaming from the front and rear cameras on a demarcated screen. The live –streaming is available on social media networks.

So far, the Nokia 8 marks the most high-end phone from HMD Global, that was established during the later part of last year. HMD got to limelight with its revival of the Nokia’s classic 3310 in a brightly colored design.

The Nokia 8 will have features that will rival with the recently launched [HWT.UL] P10. These functions include the surround-sound audio feature designed for Nokia’s camera, OZO.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of HMD, Pekka Rantala, the OZO camera is specifically designed for millennial creators; those who desire to share the daily happenings.

A Foxconn unit makes the products of HMD. Foxconn purchased the manufacturing and distribution assets of the previous Nokia mobile accessories business from Microsoft in the past year. The one-time world’s dominant phone manufacturer, Nokia Oyj sold its phone operations to Microsoft in 2014, making the firm focus on telecoms network equipment.

Smart Connect LP owns HMD

Smart Connect LP is a private equipped under the management of Jean-Francois Baril, a one-time senior vice president of Nokia. Smart Connect LP took over the management of Nokia phones business in December and had the licenses to utilize Nokia brand on all tablets and phones.

So far, it has launched five feature phones, of which the 3310 is among. Also, it has launched four smartphones. Rantala stated that he was impressed with the initial sales of the former smartphones, but didn’t state any figures. Nokia will get royalties from HMD for the patents and brand.

HMD said last month that its CEO, Arto Nummela who was an executive at Nokia was not going to continue with the firm for personal reasons.