New study indicates consciousness of death after death


Individuals who had cardiac arrests but were resuscitated later were studied. It was observed by the scientists that death essentially could be registered when their hearts stopped beating, and blood flow to the head was stopped.

In the course of the analysis, several patients claimed they had the ability to remember conversations, and in more amplified cases even hear their bodies being pronounced dead. It was confirmed by scientists the stories of the patients shared.

What is responsible for brain activity after death?

The death of the brain is a process, 20 seconds is the estimated time it takes brain waves to become no longer detectable. Once this occurs, some operations take place that results eventually in brain death.

In-depth studies to be carried out

Further studies are now being done by the scientists in order to expand their knowledge of the phenomenon, which of its kind will be the most expansive, to study the cause of a dead person to be conscious after death, and how it may weigh in on the rest of the person’s life if they are brought back to life.

The exact features that people go through when they die are being studied, this according to scientists is crucial because it is an event they men will experience when they pass on.