New York mayor wants to foster the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in his city

The mayor of New York wants to promote the development of cryptocurrencies

New York’s new mayor was asked about cryptocurrency during an interview with Bloomberg Radio. He confirmed that he wanted to “understand what is holding back the growth of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in our city”.

Eric Adams has built part of his program on helping businesses, and that goes for crypto businesses as well. He wants to develop jobs related to the sector in order to create new activities for New York residents:

“We cannot have a fractured city, where only certain groups or areas are doing well. “

Miami as a model

Eric Adams is also looking towards Miami, a city which also has a particularly “crypto-friendly” mayor. The mayor of New York has confirmed that he wants to engage in a “friendly competition” with his counterpart, to also offer a cryptocurrency:

“He has the MiamiCoin, which is working very well – we’ll see how to do that on our end”

As a reminder, the mayor of Miami had launched a series of measures to make his city a haven for cryptocurrencies. He had invited miners to take advantage of his city’s “clean” energy, and was considering allocating a portion of Miami’s reserves to Bitcoin (BTC). Most recently, he announced that he would receive his next salary in BTC.

The emergence of politicians so open to cryptocurrencies is of course a small revolution in itself. It allows an opening up to the sector, which can sometimes take on a considerable scale, as is currently the case in El Salvador. And it shows in any case that crypto-assets are now considered viable alternatives, even within governments.

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