New York mayor wants to teach cryptocurrency at school

New York mayor wants to bring cryptocurrency to school

Eric Adams mentioned this project in an interview with CNN. The new mayor of New York believes that the city has historically been at the center of innovation, and therefore must also tackle the cryptocurrency sector.

Adams regrets that the city’s younger residents don’t necessarily know what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, which is why he wants to promote technology education. He explains as follows:

โ€œWe have to open our schools to teach this technology, to teach this new way of thinking. “

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A megalopolis that opens up to cryptocurrencies?

This is just the latest in a series of signals sent by New York’s new mayor in favor of cryptocurrencies. Like the mayor of Miami, he recently announced that he would receive his first three salaries in cryptocurrency. Eric Adams sees blockchain and crypto-assets as major innovation areas, which New York must seize upon:

โ€œI want this city to become a center for innovation, whatever it is. It’s part of the human spirit: don’t be afraid to look at all areas of innovation, to move forward. “

Eric Adams from New York and Francis Suarez from Miami: these two mayors of major US metropolises do not hide their interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. What to see the trend arriving in Europe and France? For the moment, we are far from it, but it is still allowed to dream …

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