Newcastle United set to attain Manchester United Status Quo


Newcastle’s return to Premier League life has never been better for every Newcastle faithful at St. James Park. Newcastle was relegated to the lower league in a season that saw Leicester City win the much sort after league title.

Fight they must and fight they did, now they are back and better with a renewed hunger.

Newcastle’s recent successes have prompted club owner Mike Ashley, to place Newcastle on the market.
Speaking to potential investors, John Hall has advised them to capitalize on Ashley’s price peg, in order to catapult Newcastle United to Manchester United’s statute.

Ashley, who bought a 100% stake in 2007 for Newcastle United in the region of £134m, has announced through his lawyer that he is prepared to land a sale deal before December 25th.

Ashley in a separate chat confirmed that competing with rival club owners with much spending power was an impossible undertaking for him.

Sir John, who sold his 100% stake to Ashley in 2007, reiterated that potential buyers could be looking out for financial gains, but their end goal should be the elevation of Newcastle’s status to that of Manchester United’s.

Matching Manchester United

He pointed out that Manchester United is worth over one billion pounds, and Newcastle through its impending sale could reach that same threshold.

It’s good business to purchase Newcastle for 350 million quid, infuse another 350 million quid, and then work on the club’s elevation he said.

In his final summation, Ashley’s legal officer Henderson said his client was only interested in selling to buyers who have positive visions for the club.