Neymar Set For Coldwar With Cavani


Messi, Neymar, Suarez (MSN) ; Bale, Benzema, Cristiano (BBC)… The two powerhouses of European football (Barcelona and Real Madrid) had their super trio, one that had become an unmatched and unrivaled attacking force in European football. With these superstars leading the front line for their respective teams, failure on and off the pitch has been impossible.

However, with each of these players contributing to the immense success of their various clubs, attention has and will always be drawn to the presence of arguably the two greatest players of the game in their time; Messi and Ronaldo. Nine ballot d’ors and eight European titles between them, these two have remained a dominant force in football for over a decade now, none to be compared to their prowess until the arrival of this man; Neymar to the European scene. He is being considered as a great, and next to the Top two superstars.

A Star In His Territory

Neymar joined Barcelona with dreams of playing alongside a player he considers the GOAT, and he undoubtedly enjoyed it. His partnership with Suarez and the Argentine superstar saw them produce some of the best bromance moments in football history. But deep down inside he wasn’t satisfied. He knows his talent and abilities; he knows his potential. He’d been the star man at Santos, and the Brazilian national team, but at Barcelona, he was always second fiddle to Messi.

After his move he was out of Messi’s shadow; he had his record which looks unbreakable for now, he’s moved to a team where he can be the biggest man. PSG had made a statement with the Neymar signing and then came Mbappe, a teenager from Monaco who had taken Europe by storm last season, and they had their own super 3. Two world class signings to join the already blazing hot Cavani.

The first few games and the new CNM already looked like a force to reckon with, Neymar making headlines as he’d want… Then came the power tussle, two moments against Lyon that could jeopardize PSG’s attempt at a super three bromance. The team had earned a free kick, and Dani Alves had the ball (he claims he wanted to take it). However, video replays show he had denied a willing Cavani, only for the ball to be handed to Neymar to take. Later in the game, Cavani had refused to let Neymar take a penalty.

These two will either begin to compete on the pitch to impress and be regarded as the main man, which would be a healthy competition if it leads to more goals and wins for PSG, or lead to their downfall because a house divided against itself shall fall.