Nicola Sturgeon Throws Down Independence Challenge to Scots


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has thrown down a challenge to the people of Scotland over Brexit and Independence.

She is reported to be angry about Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling that unanimously rejected her argument for a Scottish veto of Brexit plans and that Holyrood had to be consulted about triggering Article 50.

Sturgeon attacked the government stating that all Westminster assurances that Scotland was an equal partner were worthless, and challenged the people of Scotland with the question did they want to have their fate decided by right wing Tories, or vote for independence and take charge of their own futures.

Supreme Court Ruling

The eleven justices which included two Scottish judges, stated that the triggering of Article 50 was outside the Sewel convention which allows the devolved parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales to vote on UK legislation that affected them, as this was an international and not a national affair.

It is reported that Sturgeon had expected the result and even if it had applied it would not give her a much wanted veto over Article 50.

She said, “It is now crystal clear that the promises made to Scotland by the UK government about the Sewel convention, and the importance of embedding it in statute, were not worth the paper they were written on.

“Although the court has concluded that the UK government is not legally obliged to consult the devolved administrations, there remains a clear political obligation to do so. Indeed, the court itself notes the importance of Sewel as a political convention.”

She said that she would press British Prime Minister Theresa May for a compromise for Scottish access to the EU when they meet on Monday for talks.

Holyrood to Vote

Holyrood MPs will still vote on Article 50 as Sturgeon has told them they can.  Their vote, however, will have no legal standing.  It is expected the vote will expose growing divisions among Scottish MPs as not all of them want to remain in the EU.

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