Nigeria is furious, summons ambassador in Jakarta, “Indonesian immigration” hit the head of a consular officer

NIGERIA ANGRY – On August 11, the BBC reported that the Nigerian government demanded punishment of Indonesian immigration officials. After appearing in a video of an attack on a Nigerian diplomat who was arrested on the streets of Jakarta.

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The video circulated on social media revealed Abdulrah Rahman Ibrahim, a Nigerian consular officer in Jakarta. Several male officers were pinned in the car by their arms.

Then an officer pushed the diplomat’s head into the seat of the car. As the diplomat shouted indignantly, repeating “I can’t breathe” and “My neck, my neck”.

The incident caused outrage in Nigeria. Many said it was an insult to other countries. towards Nigerians Some are urging the Indonesian government to provide full clarification.

Nigeria called the incident a It will also review the bilateral relationship with Indonesia.

Earlier, the Nigerian Foreign Ministry sent a protest letter to the Indonesian government. stated that the treatment was bad for Mr Ibrahim. It is a violation of international law. and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations between States.

However, the Indonesian ambassador to Nigeria was summoned on Monday, Aug. 10 and apologized to Nigeria on behalf of the Indonesian government.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian ambassador was summoned to provide a full report to the Nigerian government. and the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Consultation will continue.

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