Nigeria seizes big lot Pangolin scales and claws – ivory worth 1.7 billion baht

Nigeria seizes large lot – Reuters reported Aug. 4 that authorities in Nigeria country which is an illegal wildlife shopping center seize the scales and claws of the pangolin and a record lot of ivory Amid the Nigerian government’s efforts to combat the illegal wildlife trade

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Colonel Hamed Ibrahim Ali, commander of the Nigerian Customs Department, said the seized items were valued at 22 billion naira, which consisted of 17,137 kilograms of pangolin scales, 44 kilograms of ivory and 60 kilograms of pangolin claws.

Authorities also arrested three foreigners and tracked down the fourth. which Ali said was a key player in the illegal wildlife trade. “The arrested suspect is scheduled to appear in court early today. While Nigerian customs will do everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Colonel Ali said Customs is working with British, US and German officials, as well as international organizations. to enhance operations against smuggling of illegal goods And that widespread cooperation led to the seizure of such a large lot in Lechchie. Near Nigeria’s main port in Lagos, the capital city.

Legal officials and wildlife experts say Nigeria became the center of a secret group that smuggled African pangolins to Asia. because the border is not safe Less rigorous law enforcement, corruption and access to large ports

Pangolins are shy and critically endangered species. became the most commercialized mammal in the world. Due to the need for flakes to be used to make medicines according to traditional Chinese medicine.

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