Nigerians Infiltrate The White House


The news of hackers infiltrating secured servers of influential people and paramount institutions and entities has been a daily routine.

Digital crime has been a phenomenon that has been creeping in the shadow of the medias focus on the best selling stories of wars and terrorism.

As recent as last year, the United States of America has ranked Cyber Crime as the biggest existential threat to the global power.

Era of 4th Generation Warfare

Throughout a new era for the U.S, marked by an alleged “Russian” intrusion to the biggest political faction in the North-American super power, the digital age has come ashore from the darkness it has been ambushed into since its inception. Not to forget that Wikileaks and its inceptor that shook the world, Julian Assange, have been one of the main catalyzers of this sensation.

African encroachment

An incident in the United Arab Emirates, in 2015, saw a team of Nigerian hackers being arrested for multiple charges they committed across several countries, causing damages, stealing accounts and blackmailing people in what authorities ranged to be multi-million dollars.

The criminal gang caught the eyes of local authorities in an attempt to break into U.S senior official’s personal data and blackmail them with the release of those information.

The Obama cabinet members received emails with a threat from the African perpetrators, which prompted the American government to request the immediate intervention of their counterparts in the Gulf country to find, arrest and deliver them.

The suspects were ambuscaded by the Emirati local force in an apartment in the emirate of Ajman, showing resistance to the vigilante officers but failing to escape.

The authorities discovered in their residence vast amount of “Hacking Software” , assets worth millions of dollars and an extensive list of five million bank accounts that were on the agenda of the lawbreakers.

The government of the U.A.E is currently deporting the Nigerian convicts to the United States of America after they served their locally inflicted sentence.