Nissan to join Formula E for 2018-2019 season


Nissan published on Wednesday that it has plans of joining the Formula E next year at the start of the 2018/2019 season. This will make it the first Japan car manufacturer to participate in the racing series; the company believes that its participation in the game will spread the message of the intelligent mobility of its electric and autonomous cars.

Nissan to replace French manufacturer

A report from the media revealed that the Nissan entry would be a challenge to the French manufacturer – Renault, which is part of the same group and operated by the e-dams team. Though the team wasn’t clear if it will drop Renault for Nissan, the idea is to replace the brand with Nissan in the season five.

In a report, Daniele Schillaci, the chairman of Nissan’s management committee said that Nissan is, without doubt, going to electrify the racing championship using it as a platform for revealing its innovation to the modern generation of car racing fans.

The fourth season is set to begin in December and lasts until July 2018. While Nissan won’t be competing until the 5th season, it is a big victory for Formula E as they welcome another major automaker to the family. Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E sees it as a momentous day for the racing series.

Nissan will join other manufacturers that have moved beyond the traditional car race to a faster electric racing series. While other manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes will join the party in the 6th season – 2019-2020.