No Authority To Address Trump’s “Illegal” Strike On Syrian Airbase


Preemptive strikes and wars have become the military trademark of the United States of America, as most of the armed conflicts the country has been engaged in have been conducted under this criteria. 

The global power that has shaped the world according to its new liberal standards, does not wait for the approval of any entity inside the country or internationally to “punish” whoever they see fit.

Unilateral decision

The chemical attack that took place in Syria this week, prompted the head of oval office to strike a military air base of the Syrian regime who they blame for this atrocity. 

Without the consent of the Congress or the United Nations Security Council, Mr.Donald Trump took a unilateral decision that will most probably have significant ramifications on the international floor. 

Russia, the main ally and backup of the Syrian president Bashar El-Assad, called for an immediate Security Council meeting on the basis of the illegality of the American offense.

Supreme immunity

Domestically, the legal technical framework of Mr. Trump’s decision would imply the head of the nation to first take the approval of the Congress before initiating any military action.  Though, across the history of the USA, presidents from both main parties have conducted preemptive attacks in the realm of National Security and interest; bypassing the legislative procedure in tight in the constitution by the founding fathers. 

Internationally, the United Nations charter which has been mainly an American dictated “global constitution” prohibits any nation to attack another country without the consent of the Security Council, except under the concept of “self-defense”. 

According to these mandates, the Russian government is provoking uproar in the United Nations highest agency and is attempting a diplomatic escalation with his long life arrival.

The illegality of Mr. Trump’s decision remains a matter of unconditional global acceptance to the hegemonic superiority of the Americans.  It has not been the first time or the last time the USA will break international norms and get away with it.