North Korea: “Half ten thousand” fleeing rain, flooding through the roof aggravate the famine crisis

North Korea: “Half ten thousand” fleeing rain, flooding through the roof aggravate the famine crisis

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More than 5,000 people in North Korea have fled after torrential rains triggered widespread flooding.

A video clip aired on the North Korean state broadcaster KCTV. More than 1,100 homes were destroyed, with more than 1,100 houses destroyed, roads and bridges cut off.

Thousands of hectares of farmland in South Hamgyong Province The eastern part was submerged as many river banks collapsed. As a result, a huge mass of water flows into the community.

More than a thousand homes were damaged and about 5,000 people evacuated after flooding caused by heavy rains. /AP/VOA/

The North’s Meteorological Agency said heavy rains will continue until Aug. 10, affecting the central and eastern regions. Order all sectors to accelerate the prevention and suppression of the severity of natural disasters.

This latest flood reinforces the problem of starvation to a more serious crisis. Kim Jong-un previously said that part of the food shortage was because the agricultural sector was unable to reach its rice and grain harvesting targets. Due to the typhoon that caused a major flood last year

The TV report comes as the impoverished North in June admitted it was tackling a food crisis. REUTERS

Last month, the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization forecast said North Korea was facing a food shortage of around 860,000 tonnes this year. REUTERS

Footage from Pyongyang’s state-run KCTV showed homes flooded up to their roofs, as well as what appeared to be damaged bridges. REUTERS

With the soil already saturated, further rains could cause more damage, Ri Yong Nam, the deputy head of the North’s meteorological agency, told. /AP/VOA/

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stressed “all sectors and units” must take measures to prevent “natural disasters in advance”. /AP/VOA

Natural disasters tend to have a greater impact on the country due to its weak infrastructure, while deforestation has left it vulnerable to flooding. /AP/VOA/

The report said “hundreds of hectares of farmland” were also submerged or lost in South Hamgyong Province. REUTERS

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