North Korea is different from the plan to launch a rocket at Guam


After a week of increasing nuclear tensions between the United States and North Korea on Tuesday, North Korea resigned. This makes it easier to breathe in Guam and Seoul.

North Korea Führer Kim Jong-un was introduced with the management plans in Guam four missiles, but he decided to abandon now….

According to state media in North Korea said “stupid and silly to seek behaviour of the Yankees a little.”
“This news Kim Jong-un is undoubtedly de-escalating,” says Professor John Delury of International Studies at Yonsei University.

He says North Korea may be a sign that it wants to start a dialogue despite the heated eloquence on both sides

“This is a great victory for Kim Jong-un and no humiliation,” Delury told CBS News. “This shows that the head of his army, which shows that he can bring things and that he can return.”

A sigh of relief can be breathed in Guam, but South Korean President Moon Jae-in said North Korea’s missile remains the biggest challenge in his country.

Luna said no one not even the United States – could not start a war on the Korean peninsula without the consent of South Korea.

Demonstrators in Seoul called for peace and critical for President Trump, who think the tension worsened.

The United States and South Korea are still willing to conduct joint military exercises next week here in South Korea, and are likely to upset North Korea. She maintains this practical essay for the war.