Not such a Happy New Year: Scenes of drunken carnage on Britain’s streets


One thing’s for sure: There will be a lot of people with hangovers today, following New Year’s Eve celebrations which turned ugly on the streets of Britain. Millions of revellers thronged to towns and cities across Britain. But, while most managed to have an enjoyable start to 2017, for others the night turned to mayhem.

There were some nasty scenes, with fights breaking out in Manchester and Swansea. In Manchester, an overweight shirtless man could be seen repeatedly kicking another who was lying in a gutter, while a woman appeared to try to defend him. A couple were also seen fighting outside a fast foot joint in Nottingham, while police could be seen restraining a man in Wind Street, Swansea.

For many, it seemed they had gone out to drink to the point of oblivion. Many revellers were seen being sick on the street, while those who could no longer stand unaided had to be helped home by friends. Meanwhile, one reveller came within inches of an even nastier accident after needing to be rescued by firefighters when he spiked his thigh while climbing over railings.

Drunken casualties



The scenes come after National Health Service boss Simon Stevens has branded those who get so drunk they end up in casualty as “selfish”. He said that the NHS was frequently being used as the “National Hangover Service,” putting additional pressure on an already strained health service. They also followed research which showed that women were more likely to drink to excess in the UK than men.

Radio host Andrew Pierce said that drunk revellers should be charged if they need to go to hospital. He said: “If you get drunk and you need accident and emergency and you go by ambulance, that’s a charge,” adding that if you could afford to go out and get drunk, you could afford to be charged to be taken by ambulance, or for a stay in hospital.


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