Numerous animals to storm shelters following the Harvey Hurricane


Hurricane Harvey has rendered several animals homeless and sent over 30,000 persons to look for emergency housing in Texas. It was recorded that over 600,000 animals died during the Hurricane Katrina and there’s a relentless effort to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Spokesperson of The Humane Society, Samantha Miller, told CBS News that they expect several animals to be affected by the storm. As such, they are partnering with the San Antonio Animal Care Services to serve as an emergency pet shelter.

The Humane Society and its animal rescue movements

The Humane Society is also making plans with Wings of Rescue to move over 100 animals from the non-permanent animal shelters to other animal shelters in Maryland, Washington state, Oregon and Washington D.C.

On Tuesday, 231 animals were moved from residents affected by severe weather to the San Antonio Animal Care Services. These animals include 51 cats, 179 dogs, and one gerbil, by name Rufus. 30 of the dogs were saved from a flooded abode in Pleasanton, which is 36 miles south of San Antonio.

A volunteer worker at the emergency shelter, told Melissa Villarreal, a CBS News correspondent that people cherish their pets, but it’s disheartening to see such happen, but they are putting in their best.

The Pets Alive! The shelter has been operating independently as a prestigious center for animal rescue initiatives. The shelter will receive over 1,000 pets before the end of next week.

On Tuesday, the spokesperson of the shelter, Mary Heerwald, said 4o animals with 122 cats and 169 dogs are headed for Austin.

More than 40” of rainfall have dropped in some areas of Texas with a different 20” possible before the storm continues, a report by the National Weather Service says.