Oakland Warehouse Might Become Murder Investigation as Death Toll Reaches 36


A massive warehouse fire in Oakland which killed up to 36 people is still in questioning by investigators. Investigators and search teams have spent three days examine the remaining ashes and debris of the fire.

Accident or Murder?

Mayor Libby Schaaf, has stated that a criminal investigation team has been sent to the incident area as District Attorney Nancy O’Malley has claimed the the debris of the warehouse has been considered “a potential crime scene”.

According to the County’s spokesman, Ray Kelly,  only 30-40% of the building has been thoroughly investigated since the incident which occurred on Friday night. This makes it still early for any definite conclusions concerning the fire.

Victims Include Teen, Tourists

Manu of the victims were minors as young as the age of 17 including the son of a county sherif’s deputy. Other victims ages ranged from 20’s-30’s which attended local universities. A few of the victims were not US citizens.

The names of around nine victims that were identified have not yet been revealed, while another seven were formally identified by city officials. County spokesman, Kelly, has claimed that the number of victims are bound to increase.

Planning and Building Director, Darin Ranelletii, has claimed that the owner of the warehouse building had no legal permit. Mr. Ranelletti states that previously inspectors had difficulty in accessing the building after a complaint was made.

The fire originally emerged at a music party which was held at the warehouse in the second floor of the building which  was accessible by wooden stairs.

Investigators state that it is too early to determine the main cause of the fire at the warehouse as they have not yet reached the location of where the fire originally began.

Melinda Drayton, Oakland Fire Department chief states ”this will be a long and arduous process, We want to make sure we are respecting the victims and their families and ensuring the firefighters’ safety”