Old Couple Shot by Paramilitaries as They Protected Their Son


A couple in their 50’s have been reported to have been shot in their legs by paramilitaries in Belfast once they were asked to hand over their son and they refused, providing more protection for their child.

Both the elderly man and woman were hospitalized upon the incident but have been deemed safe and are in no life threatening condition, according to statements released by the Royal Victoria Hospital.

It has been believed that republican paramilitaries were the ones responsible in carrying out and implementing this incident, and had ordered an attack to be conducted on the couple’s son.

The authorities have stated that several other cases such as this have been occurring and continue to occur in Belfast, and that the armed men had went to the couple’s home situated at the Turf Lodge area last Thursday, but were confronted with the parents of the boy who had gotten into an altercation with them.

A Parents Love for Their Child

The shooting reportedly occurred around early evening around 6 pm, and Pat Sheehan, Sinn Fein MLA for this region had stated that none of the elderly parents in any way had been involved with any type of criminal behavior in the past or currently, and has condemned such cowardly attacks that continue to take place.

Mr. Sheehan has requested to anyone who has some relevant information that can be useful to help find those responsible for this attack to come forth.

Everyone a Target

A member for the legislative assembly in the region, Alex Attwood, has declared this act as nothing less than an act of tyranny, and went on to add that if a couple in their 50’s can be shot, then it would ultimately mean that no one is deemed safe and secure in the line of sight for these paramilitaries.