Only 0.2% of fully vaccinated people contracted the coronavirus (study)

Of the 6.2 million Belgians considered to be fully vaccinated as of August 8, only 0.2% have been infected with the coronavirus, or just over 12,000 people, according to the results of a study by the Institute of Public Health “Sciensano”, published Thursday.

Of those people who tested positive, only half said they had symptoms, the same source notes.

According to Sciensano, “this proves that people who are fully immune are much less likely to contract the virus.”

It also emerges from the study that, among people hospitalized following a coronavirus infection between January 1 and August 8, out of a total of 19,723 people admitted to hospital, only 416 (2.1%) were fully vaccinated.

Partially vaccinated hospital patients represented 6.4%, or 1,267 patients, adds the Institute of Public Health.

In addition, the data collected show that people hospitalized despite a complete vaccination are older: half of the vaccinated patients are over 82 years old, against 64 years for the unvaccinated. Almost all (92%) had co-morbidities and half were residents of nursing homes.

Sciensano notes that it will continue its analysis in order to better identify the potential risk factors for these “breakthrough infections” and above all, for a serious course of the disease.

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