Palmer Luckey kicks off a new security tech project to optimize border security


In 2016, it was found that Palmer Luckey lied about posting against Clinton, and was excluded from the public for a while. Currently, the then CEO of Oculus, Palmer Luckey wants to get back to the scene. As such, he is coming up with a seeming controversial idea.

The new phase of defense technology

In line with the report gathered by the New York Times, Luckey is back but not at Oculus, as he is working on a security tech that will be useful at borders and military bases. The self-funding embarked on a security tech development that can detect anyone who trespasses in the area where this device will be mounted; the tech will maximize the use of cameras, lidar and sensor in detection.

Most self-driving car programs use lidar for ranging and detection. According to the same report, the Tech adviser to Trump has declared his interest in this Luckey’s project and further stated that he wouldn’t mind if his investment company, Founders Fund funds the project.

Speculations are that Luckey met spoke with the Secretary to the interior Ryan Zinke in April and must have talked about the project. Then again, his meeting with Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist was on the possibility of utilizing the services of this tech at Mexican borders.

In an email to New York Times, Luckey emphatically stated the much investment they are up to as regards defense technology – a security technology that will help the taxpayer save more dollars and optimize technology that will ensure the citizens and troops are safer. In the letter, he made it clear that much have been invested into the defense technology with little innovation in the time past.

The aftermath of the controversy

Right from the Presidential election held in 2016, Luckey has been in one or more controversial news. Ranging from the reports that Luckey was supporting a group that countered Clinton’s ambitions with materials online, causing him to be more of an outcast in the world of technology as well Oculus.

GameGate was a movement that made waves online; it started in 2014 in a bid to address the call for equality and diversity in the games industry by personalities such as Anita Sarkeesian. Luckey’s girlfriend who is popular for her way of costuming herself saw herself in getting flak for backing Gamergate. Although some persons tried to see the movement as a quest for ethical reporting in games media, it was not robust enough to separate it from its origin.

Apparently, this tech venture by Luckey will stir up another controversy. Since the announcement of Trump’s wall the primaries for the Republican as well presidential election, it has been a means of disintegration and tension. Luckey will probably turn out to become the greatest target of the anti-Trump groups, and his meetings with Zinke and Bannon will not be of help to him.